Animator ~ Video Editor ~ Musician ~ Creative Marketer

After 30 years in Marketing, advertising and promoting a diverse range of Australia's iconic brands, I was looking for a way to satisfy my creative ​passions and apply my skills to produce communication vehicles for the rapidly expanding digital media landscape.


Over the years I have developed extensive experience in using Final Cut, Motion, Logic, and the Reallusion 2D & 3D animation suite, plus a host of other graphic design, video, audio and animation ancillory support programs. 


As a Director of the international TV Production house Blackwatch Productions, I have access to some of the best creative experts in TV, Film and Music production and have been able to contribute supporting content for the development of many concept pitches.


Utilising Real Time animation programs enables fast turn around and modification of all concept work. The ability to provide in-house sound and music enables initial concept work to be developed to pitch without the cost impost of multiple production houses.


Please check out the many examples of my work in the Motion Reel gallery. While the focus is predominantly 3D animation, I also have capability to produce 2D stylings, basic modelling & rigging, sound tracks and music beds.